"Vulnerability takes courage, and in that courage lies strength."

The Why

Hi, I’m Devin La’ Angelia International Author and Publishing Consultant, here at La' Angelia Publishing Co.

At La' Angelia Publishing Co., we understand, that every individual has a unique story. Many of us have survived some kind of test, overcome obstacles, hurdled unfair circumstances, walked through defeat and still mange to press on.

That's where we step in! La' Angelia Publishing Co. Is committed to providing the resources needed to help share your unique story. No experience is time wasted. We teach others how to use their stories, to become a voice to the voiceless!

I'm a, firm believer that no matter how painful a life experience has been, we should utilize our stories as a tool; to help others overcome.W ether, it's a past or current life trauma.

The Mission

La' Angelia Publishing Co. provides a safe place for stories to be written. We put the pin to vision to help aspiring authors and those alike, tell their story in confidence.

Additionally, we provide Coaching, writing courses and materials geared to help you tell your story, your way.

Your Impact Matters

Your Voice Matters

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